Ujamaa Makonde African Mask

Akoma Accents
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  • Authentic hand carved African decor
  • Measures 30 inches (height) x 7.5 inches (length)
  • Crafted from Jacaranda wood by Makonde artisans
  • Imported from Tanzania
  • Incorporates elements from the Makonde Tree of Life into the top of the mask.

Transform your home by incorporating elements from Mother Africa!

You can start or expand with this intricately-carved Makonde mask from Tanzania, standing at a magnificent 30 inches in height and 7.5 inches in length. Each piece arrives ready to display – simply hang it up for guests to admire.

The Makonde tree of life is beautifully woven into the top of this mask, signifying an interconnectedness between family and community within the Makonde culture. These special figures remind us to cherish our most meaningful relationships in life. The tallest, most visible figure on the mask typically symbolizes a leader within the family or community. The Makonde carving culture is renowned for its intricate patterns and captivating dynamic poses.

For generations, the Makonde people have been crafting their iconic Tree of Life sculptures with precision and skill. This traditional art form demands a great deal of patience and expertise from its carvers who must utilize basic tools such as knives and chisels to bring their creations to life - often taking weeks or even months!

The Makonde are a unique people hailing from the borders of southeast Tanzania and northern Mozambique. Renowned for their captivating wood carvings, individuals around the globe admire and collect these remarkable pieces. Appreciated for its delicate craftsmanship and intricate designs, Makondean art often showcases human figures, animals, or mythical creatures that seem to come alive with every stroke of the chisel!

Not only do they possess extraordinary carving abilities but also an unwavering warrior spirit unchanged by time - making them one-of-a-kind among many ethnic groups.

Jacaranda wood is an ideal choice for carving masks, as it boasts an impressive combination of characteristics.

It's strong and resilient due to its tightly locked grain structure - carvings created from Jacaranda won't easily break or splinter during the creation process. Additionally, the unique beauty of Jacaranda lies in its texture and warm reddish-brown hue, often including captivating darker streaks or swirls. Durable and stable, jacaranda wood does not expand or contract with changes in temperature. As a result, it is the perfect choice for maintaining the carving's integrity over time. Additionally, this wood is eco-friendly and comes from trees that have been grown to be harvested - making it perfect for carvers and woodworkers who value sustainability.

Each mask is hand carved so there slight and subtle differences in size, shape, color or pattern. This is what makes it unique and a true piece of African art. Trust us.....Africa will look good in your home!

Edition Each mask has been hand carved by a master artisan in Tanzania
Height 30 inches
Length 7.5 inches
Medium Jacaranda Wood
Year Released 2022

Akoma Accents

Authentic hand made decor crafted by artisans in the Motherland. Incorporate elements from Mother Africa into your home today!

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