Black Lawyer Collection

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    Our Black Lawyer Collection consists of art prints, gifts and collectibles that are the perfect gift for the graduating law student, aspiring attorney or the veteran lawyer.  They are great for adding diversity and multicultural images and decor to the walls of your law firm or office.  Featuring African American judges, law enforcement officials and lawyers, use our African-American Lawyer Collection to decorate your workspace today!

    28 products
    The Advocate by Ernie Barnes
    The Advocate
    Open for Business by Charly Palmer
    Open for Business
    Champions of Justice by Ted Ellis
    Champions of Justice
    Destiny, Dedication and Achievement by D'azi Productions (Black Frame)
    Destiny, Dedication and Achievement
    Thurgood Marshall: Bootstraps by Julian Madyun
    Thurgood Marshall Poster by Sankofa Designs
    Thurgood Marshall Poster and Sankofa Designs
    Thurgood Marshall
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    Achievement: Thurgood Marshall by D'azi Productions (Framed)
    Law Office by Charly Palmer
    Law Office
    Lady Just Us by Charly Palmer
    Lady Just Us
    Lady Justice by Ted Ellis
    Lady Justice
    Justice by Ted Ellis
    Here Comes the Judge by Ted Ellis
    Here Comes the Judge
    Final Justice by Ted Ellis
    Final Justice
    Exhibit A by Ted Ellis
    Exhibit A
    Equal Justice by Ted Ellis
    Equal Justice
    You Must Acquit
    Thurgood Marshall: Time Magazine by Julian Madyun
    Thurgood Marshall
    Thurgood Marshall in 1957
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    Just Us Is Blind by Charly Palmer
    Just Us is Blind
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    Brown vs. Board of Education Poster by Knoweldge Unlimited
    Brown vs. Board of Education Poster by Knowledge Unlimited
    Brown vs. Board
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    Bone Justice by Leroy Campbell
    Bone Justice
    Village Law by Roederick Vines
    Village Law
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    Thurgood Marshall: Decency and Fairness by Julian Madyun
    Decency and Fairness
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    Achievement: Thurgood Marshall by D' azi Productions
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     Thurgood Marshall: Constitutional Heritage by Poster Envy
    Constitutional Heritage
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    Great Black Americans: Thurgood Marshall Poster by Knowledge Unlimited
    Thurgood Marshall
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    Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in 1976 by McMahan Photo Archive
    Thurgood Marshall in 1976
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    Thurgood Marshall: Timeline Poster by Techdirections
    Thurgood Marshall