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African Walking Sticks

African Walking Sticks

A collection of decorative African walking sticks or walking canes. Each decorative cane is crafted by hand by a local master artisan. The majority of these items were carved in Kenya with a few being carved in other areas of the motherland. Traditionally, these canes were used as to defend its owner from some wild and dangers animals but in modern times they have become a symbol of prestige and leaders of various African ethnic groups would use them when presiding over special occasions and important functions. In the west, these canes are grouped in collection or mounted on walls and serve as great decor and talking pieces for homes. Most of our African walking sticks are made from either Sese Wood, Mvuli Wood or African Blackwood. They make great gifts and many admirers of African walking sticks maintain a collection of different designs that they showcase in their homes.

Please note that these canes are for decorative purposes only and should not be used as a medicinal walking aid.


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