Fierce Denkyem: African Wooden Walking Stick

Eva Amakye
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  • Hand Carved
  • Imported from Africa
  • Embossed with Aluminum Accents
  • Measures 37 inches
  • Weighs 1.1 lbs

An authentic decorative African Walking Stick hand-carved out of Sese Wood and hand-painted black with decorative etchings. It is fashioned in the shape of a crocodile with the handle being locked between its jaws. It is titled "Fierce Denkyem". Denkyem is the name of the Adinkra symbol in Akan culture that is drawn in the shape of a crocodile.

The Denkyem symbol in Adinkra and Akan culture represents the crocodile and is associated with adaptability, strength, and aggressiveness. The crocodile is known for its ability to survive in different environments, and the Denkyem symbol embodies these qualities. It serves as a reminder of the importance of adaptability, resilience, and the ability to navigate through challenges.

This is a premium African Walking Stick. It is thicker and features more intricate detailing and carving than most of our standard African Walking Sticks. Measures approximately 37 inches (Length) x 4.3 inches (Width) x 2.8 inches (Depth) and weighs approximately 1.5 lbs.

Many African societies regard a person with a walking stick with respect and dignity. Usually associated with age, an elderly person using a walking stick is believed to have accumulated vast knowledge and wisdom through the years. Traditionally, the design on a walking stick tells the societal status and political inclination of the person using it.

This walking cane has not been approved by any medical body or authority for use as a mobility aid. It is primarily designed for decorative purposes only.

Each walking stick is hand-carved out of Sese Wood by Eva Asantewa Amakye and her team. There may be slight and subtle differences in size, shape and/or pattern. This is what makes each walking stick unique and a true piece of African Art.

Add some elements from Mother Africa to your home decor today!

Edition Each walking stick is hand carved by local master artisans in Ghana.
Length 37 inches
Medium Sese Wood
SKU 343808
Width 5.5 inches
Eva Amakye

Eva Amakye

Eva Asantewa Amakye is a designer from Accra, Ghana. Her main goal is to increase the size of her workshop so she can employ and train more young people in her community. Eva is a skilled designer and focuses on that aspect of the craft and the quality control process. She is truly passionate when ensuring that the carvings meet her expectations and design specifics. Amakye partners with master carvers to translate her concepts and bring them to life. Her greatest joy is watching how her creations evoke feelings of nostalgia and joy when held or viewed by their new owners.

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