A Special Note About Limited Editions

Limited Editions typically increase in price as the edition sells out and pricing on Limited Edition artwork is subject to change without notice. They can also take anywhere from 1 to 21 days for us to process the order and ship. The availability of Limited Edition prints can also change without notice. We will immediately notify the customer in the event that we are informed by the artist or their publisher that the pricing of a Limited Edition piece has changed or that a specific Limited Edition art print is no longer available. If there is another version of the piece available (i.e. canvas instead of paper, artist proof instead of Remarque, etc.) then we will present the customer with that option to gauge interest but we will always grant a full refund upon request.

The Black Art Depot will always try our best to keep the information regarding our Limited Edition inventory as accurate as possible but we rely on information from the artist or the artist's publisher for certain Limited Edition artwork that we do not keep in inventory.

We have proven ourselves to be a high integrity organization after ten years of serving our valued customers with pride and we would never engage in any unethical business practices. Unfortunately, this is an issue that is a prevalent in our industry and will occur on occasion. We do apologize for any frustration this may cause but we have created this page so that we can proactively communicate these issues to our customers.

Please feel free to contact our office via phone or email at anytime to confirm availability, pricing and estimated time to deliver for any Limited Edition artwork.