Lovely Crown African Mask

Victor Dushie
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  • Crafted in Ghana and imported into the United States.
  • Hand carved African decor.
  • Measures 8.75 inches (Height) x 4.3 inches (Width) x 1.8 inches (Depth)
  • Carved out of Sese wood.
  • Each mask is carved by hand by an artisan in Ghana so there may very slight and subtle differences in size, color and motif. This is what each mask unique and true piece of African art.

My hair is my crown, a resplendent emblem of my heritage that I wear with unwavering pride. This natural halo, with every coil and kink, narrates the legacy of resilience and beauty that courses through my veins, connecting me to ancestors whose spirits were indomitable. It defies the narrow confines of conventional beauty standards, asserting the richness of diversity in its most authentic form.

My hair is not just strands to be managed; it's a testament to a rich cultural tapestry woven with stories of struggle, liberation, and triumph. In its natural state, it's an expression of my identity, a declaration of my heritage, and a celebration of my individuality. By embracing my crown in all its glory, I pay homage to those who walked before me and set a path of empowerment for those who will follow. My hair, my crown, is a proud proclamation of who I am—an unapologetic affirmation of my roots and a source of strength that reminds me daily of our collective resilience and beauty.

The mask "Lovely Crown" by Victor Dushie celebrates the beauty and power of our hair, despite societal beauty standards that suggest otherwise. It serves as a reminder of how our hair connects us to our ancestors and symbolizes a legacy of strength and resilience in every strand.

African masks are a fundamental aspect of African culture, encapsulating the depth of rituals, traditions, and histories that define the continent's diverse societies. Traditionally, these masks were worn and used in ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations. They played essential roles, being utilized in rites of passage ceremonies, communicating with ancestral spirits, and invoking assistance from above during times of drought, conflict, or other community challenges and adversities.

Although the ceremonial significance of African masks may have faded in modern times, their cultural importance endures. Today, they are highly sought-after as decorative wall art, celebrated for their beauty, symbolism, and narratives. This admiration ensures that African masks continue to educate and connect people with Africa's cultural heritage, bridging the gap between historical and modern worlds while honoring the timeless spirit of African cultures.

Each mask is meticulously carved from sese wood and undergoes a two-week drying process before being sanded to smooth perfection. Life is then breathed into the wood with brown, black, and maroon paint and enhanced with brass and aluminum plate accents for a stunningly shiny finish. The masks measure approximately 8.75 inches (height) x 4.3 inches (width) x 1.8 inches (depth). Some of the aluminum accents represent traditional African scarification practices.

African scarification is a traditional practice found across many African cultures, where the skin is intentionally cut and sometimes irritated to encourage keloid scarring in patterns or specific designs. Far beyond mere body modification, scarification holds deep cultural, spiritual, and social significance. It serves as a rite of passage, marking milestones such as puberty, marriage, or childbirth. Scarification can also denote social status, clan identity, beauty, courage, and strength. In some communities, the scars are believed to carry protective properties and connect individuals spiritually to their ancestors. Despite its decline due to modern influences and health concerns, scarification remains a potent symbol of identity and heritage in many African societies

Sese wood, indigenous to West Africa, is a favored medium among artisans for its durability, workability, and beautiful finish. This versatile hardwood possesses a fine grain that makes it ideal for carving, allowing craftsmen to achieve intricate details and smooth finishes with relative ease. Its natural resilience to wear and the aging process adds depth and character to the artwork over time. Artwork carved from this wood is not just admired for its aesthetic appeal but is also valued for the cultural significance and artisanal skill it embodies. Choosing artwork crafted from this wood means investing in a piece that carries the soul of West African heritage

Designed for decorative use, it is intended as wall decor, transforming any space into a gallery of African heritage. Hand-crafted, each mask is unique, with slight and/or subtle variations in color, size, and motif that only add to its authenticity and charm. Owning this mask means more than just decorating a space; it means keeping alive the spirit of Africa and the values that have shaped and will continue to shape its legends.

Edition Hand Carved
Edition Size Each African Mask is Crafted by a Local Artisan and Ghana and is Unique Piece of African Art.
Height 8.75 inches
Length 4.3 inches
Medium Sese Wood
Signed Unsigned
SKU 419614
Width 1.8 inches
Victor Dushie

Victor Dushie

Victor Dushie, who was born in Accra, Ghana, is inspired by the city's woodcarving tradition. He imbues each piece with a personal touch that connects the collector to Africa's rich cultural heritage. Using locally sourced Sese wood, Victor combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create pieces that tell stories of perseverance, community, and beauty.

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