Imhotep: The Original

Charly Palmer
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  • 30x27 inches
  • Limited Edition
  • Giclee on Paper
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Certificate of Authenticity from the Artist

A historical and Egyptian themed work of art by Charly Palmer that depicts the legendary Imhotep of Ancient Egypt. One of the few Egyptians who were of non-royal birth that found themselves elevated to the status of full deity in Ancient Egypt upon their death.

His name means "He Who Comes in Peace". Imhotep is remembered as a physician, astronomer, scribe, author of ancient wisdom, architect, vizier and just an overall genius.

He was so well regarded that his name was often mentioned along with the likes of iconic Egyptian deities such as Tehuti, Ptah and Isis. Imhotep was the inventor of the pyramid and the architect of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, the first of the Seven Wonders of Egypt.

Imhotep is thought to have lived between 3000 and 2950 B.C.E. and served as the Vizier to Pharoah Djoser. 

This giclee on paper measures 30x27 inches and has an edition size of 1000. Limited Edition Giclee on Paper.

Cert. Of Authenticity Certificate of Authenticity from the Artist
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size 1000
Framed Unframed
Height 30 inches
Length 27 inches
Medium Giclee on Paper
Signed Signed and Numbered
SKU palmer-hereyes
Year Released 2020

Charly Palmer

Charly Palmer currently lives in Atlanta, GA and is an accomplished and succesful graphic designer and illustrator. He also ows his own design studio. However, he now dedicates and devotes himself to creating fine art and is developing a strong reputation in the art industry for complex compositions and a unique technique and style. Charly Palmer was born in Alabama but raised in the state of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He studied fine art and design in Chicago, Illinois at the School of Art Institute and at the American Academy of Art. Lately, he has begun painting under the name of "Carlos". Carlos is his alter ego and allows him the ability to be more spontaneous and gives him more creative freedom to create art that is more experimental in nature. The paintings created under this alter ego are typically more abstract and more primal. Over time, Charly Palmer has found a way to channel both personas and create landmark paintings. His powerful and popular "Civil Rights" series is an example of what happens when both styles are combined.

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