What is an Open Edition Art Print?

African American Art Gallery

An open edition is a reproduction of an original work of art that can be produced in any quantity. It is an affordable option that gives people the opportunity to add beautiful artwork to the walls of their homes regardless of their current financial standing. Typically, open editions cost less than limited editions but are also less likely to increase in value. Many collectors started their collection with open edition artwork before transitioning to limited editions and then to the world of original artwork.

Consumers often confuse the term "open edition art print" and "poster". Some people use the terms interchangeably. Typically, publishers produce open edition art prints on higher quality paper and using better inks than the thin and glossy commercial posters that most consumers are familiar with. However, posters are also technically "open editions" since they can be produced in any quantity.

Some individuals in the industry refer to posters as "disposable art" and something you keep for a time before discarding instead of mounting and framing and enjoying long term.

At The Black Art Depot posters are clearly labeled as such in the specs section of the product page. If we label an item as an open edition, it is an open edition art print.

In addition, open edition artwork is frequently used in other ways. It can be licensed and used to beautify products such as puzzles, mugs, floor mats, figurines, greeting cards and other gifts and collectibles.

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