The Tenors

Robert Jackson
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  • Measures 16x32 inches (paper size); 14x30 inches (image size).
  • Open Edition
  • Inspired by the Gospel Choirs of the Black Church
  • Giclee on Paper
  • A member of Robert Jackson's acclaimed Gospel Choir series.

Today the church was in for a special treat! A male gospel choir, composed entirely of powerful tenors, gathered on the stage. As they raised their voices in harmony their souls ignited with an infectious energy. With each resounding note, they swayed, danced, and poured their hearts into their ministry of music.

The congregation, captivated and energized by their soul-stirring performance, felt the spirit rise within them. The church pulsed with fervor, you could hear shouts from the faithful as the choir's melodious voices soared, creating a symphony of pure devotion that ignited a joy and spiritual connection.

In gospel choirs, the role of a tenor singer is vital. A tenor is a usually a male singing voice. The tenor voice is typically the highest male voice in a choir. In a gospel choir setting, the tenor singer adds a layer of brilliance and depth to the harmonies, often providing soaring melodies and adding excitement to the overall sound. Their ability to hit high notes with clarity and power brings a dynamic element to the choir's performance, enhancing the emotional impact of the music. The tenor's role in a gospel choir is crucial for creating a rich and vibrant musical experience.

Gospel choirs hold a significant place within the Black church and African American culture. They serve as a foundational element, deeply rooted in the traditions and spirituality of the community. Gospel choirs are known for their powerful and soul-stirring performances, blending elements of African rhythms, spirituals, blues, and jazz into a unique musical expression. These choirs play a vital role in worship services, uplifting and inspiring congregations through song. Gospel choirs also foster a sense of unity and fellowship, bringing people together through the power and ministry of music.

They serve as a platform for individual artistic expression, while also promoting a collective spirit and communal celebration within the Black church. Through their music, gospel choirs convey messages of hope, faith, and resilience.

This work of art measures 16x32 inches (paper size) and 14x30 inches (image size). Giclee on Paper. Open Edition.

Edition Open Edition
Framed Unframed
Height 16 inches
Length 32 inches
Medium Giclee on Paper
SKU jackson-tenors
Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson is a Minnesota native who enjoys creating art that reflect his passion for family, culture, music, and his spiritual upbringing. Robert graduated from Perpich Center for Arts Education (formerly The Minnesota Center for Arts Education High School) in Golden Valley, MN, where his exposure to artwork from various cultures allowed him to enhance his knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts.

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