Always Reading Between the Lines

Larry "Poncho" Brown
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  • Limited edition. Edition size of 62 (standard limited edition), 19 (artist proof) and 12 (remarques).
  • Measures 33.5x24 inches in size.
  • Ships signed and numbered and with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.
  • Giclee on Paper
  • Explores themes of connection and empathy.

In a world often veiled by surface-level interactions, there is a man who saw beyond. An empathetic soul, he moved through life with a spiritual freedom that allowed him to see the unspoken truths hidden within the lines of everyday conversation.

His communication was a dance of understanding, a silent recognition of the emotions that lay beneath spoken words. His mastery lay not in literature or written text, but in the subtle art of human connection. He observed the minutest of gestures, detected the slightest change in tone, and understood the most fleeting of expressions. His ability to read between the lines enabled him to connect deeply with others, grasping their joys, fears, and dreams with an empathetic understanding.

A free spirit, he journeyed through the labyrinth of human experience, constantly exploring the depth that lay hidden between the lines of our shared existence.

A limited edition work of art by Larry "Poncho" Brown is available as a giclee on paper. Measures 33.5x24 inches. Ships signed and numbered and with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. Edition size of 62 (Limited Edition), 19 (Artist Proof) and 12 (Remarque). 

Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size Edition size of 62 (Limited Edition), 19 (Artist Proof) and 12 (Remarque).
Framed Unframed
Height 33.5 inches
Length 24 inches
Medium Paper
Signed Ships signed and numbered by the artist.
SKU poncho-betweenlines

Larry "Poncho" Brown

Larry "Poncho" Brown, a native of Baltimore, MD, is a renowned artist known for his captivating and diverse body of work. With a career spanning over several decades, Poncho emerged as a talented signwriter at the young age of 17 and has since dedicated his life to the world of art. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, he has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as Upscale, Ebony, Essence, and Jet magazines with his extraordinary art, both fine and commercial. Poncho's creations have also garnered attention in various television shows and movies, including "A Different World," "The Wire," and "Soulfood," captivating audiences with his vibrant and thought-provoking pieces. With a client list boasting esteemed names like Camille Cosby and Anita Baker, as well as his works displayed in prestigious institutions like the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Poncho's influence and appeal extend far and wide. Alongside his artistic pursuits, Poncho is dedicated to philanthropy, having founded Raising The Arts, a platform that has contributed over 70 images to support non-profit organizations and African American causes. Additionally, he co-founded the Creative Quarantine, a collaborative effort with fellow artists, where the month of January is dedicated to creating new experimental works. Poncho's art resonates with admirers for its captivating rhythm, movement, and unity, as he skillfully merges past and present artistic stylizations to convey a sense of realism, mysticism, and beauty. Through his creations, Poncho pays homage to his personal values and consistently explores themes of unity, family, and spirituality, making his art universally appealing and awe-inspiring.

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