Sister Vibes: The Art of Pamela Hills 2024 Wall Calendar

Pamela Hills
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  • 2024 Wall Calendar
  • Features a mini view of the last four months of 2023 and full page views for each month of 2024.
  • Measures 12x12 inches (closed) and 24x12 inches (open).
  • Featuring public holidays and information on dates significant to the African American cultural experience.
  • All calendars include a matching envelope perfect for the gift giving season. Staple binding.

Introducing our new Sister Vibes Calendar, where art and culture converge to uplift your space and spirit. Immerse yourself in the world of beauty, resilience, and empowerment through the exquisite creations of artist Pamela Hills.

Pamela Hills' artistic journey is a symphony of mediums and a celebration of diversity in expression. Oils, acrylics, graphite, watercolors, inks, and pastels are her palettes of choice. She believes that every idea finds its truest form in a unique style. It's this fearless exploration that breathes life into her vibrant compositions.

The Sister Vibes calendar is a portal into Pamela's heart and soul. African American sistas are the stars of each month, portrayed with depth and authenticity. Through Pamela's art, their stories of strength, culture, and life are woven into every stroke and every shade. It's as if their presence leaps off the pages, inviting you to join their journey. With every glance you'll feel the pulse of Pamela's passion. Her attention to lines, whether bold or delicate, creates a mesmerizing dance that balances the spaces within each piece. These lines and designs, emerged from the walls of her childhood. Art was her language, her earliest means of communication, and a talent that would shape her future.

Pamela's journey to becoming a career artist began in the most unexpected way – a contest in a TV guide. A response, a spark, and from then on her path was illuminated. For two decades she lived the dream, translating life's rhythms onto canvas. Even after an eight-year hiatus due to life's twists her dedication to her craft remained unyielding, a testament to her unwavering spirit.

Our 2024 Sister Vibes isn't just about art; it's about life, inspiration, and freedom. Pamela's art is a reflection of her mood, her experiences, and her history. Her love for music and dance infuses her work with boundless energy. Each stroke is an ode to the liberating feeling of creating from the heart and of letting imagination take flight like a butterfly. Don't miss the opportunity to bring the enchanting art of Pamela Hills into your home and daily life.

Let this Calendar fill your surroundings with positivity as it celebrates our Queens, the essence of African American culture. Embrace the vibe – it's a journey worth taking.

This calendar is more than just a visual feast. Each month is adorned with public holidays and nuggets of black history, offering moments of reflection and learning. As you turn the pages, you'll connect with the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future.

This calendar is more than just a visual feast. Each month is adorned with public holidays and nuggets of black history, offering moments of reflection and learning. As you turn the pages, you'll connect with the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future. Measures 12x12 inches closed and unfolds to 24x12 inches in size. Printed on quality paper and features full color vivid imagery. Makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Ships in a matching envelope.

Edition Open Edition
Height 12 inches
Length 12 inches
Medium Paper
Signed Unsigned
UPC 723519011625
Year Released 2023
Pamela Hills

Pamela Hills

Pamela Hills is a versatile artist who explores her creativity through a diverse range of mediums, including oils, acrylics, graphite, watercolors, inks, and pastels. Rejecting the idea of limiting herself to a single medium, Hills believes that each idea she works on manifests in its own unique style. Her artwork is characterized by a consistent use of lines, ranging from bold and thick lines to delicate and intricate designs, which serve to balance and define the space within her compositions. Hills's artistic journey began in her childhood, where she discovered her passion for drawing hidden within the walls of her closet. Even before kindergarten, her drawings became a means of expression, with her earliest recognition coming from a contest she entered in the TV guide. This initial success propelled her forward, and she has been dedicated to her career as an artist ever since. Life itself serves as Hills's greatest inspiration, with her moods, feelings, and personal experiences shaping the content and expression of her work. Drawing from her love of music and dance, she infuses her pieces with energy and a sense of self. Hills finds joy in the freedom of creation, preferring to evoke the essence of her subjects rather than creating exact replicas. For Hills, the true challenge lies in capturing the fluttering spirit of the butterflies that guide her artistic journey.

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