The Keyboardist

D.D. Ike
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  • Original work of art by Nigerial artist Darlington D. Ike
  • Fiberglass and acrylic on plyboard
  • Measures 24x16 inches in size.
  • African Bas-Relief Sculpture
  • Explores musical themes

A Bas Relief sculpture created by Nigerian-born artist Darlington D. Ike. The artwork depicts a female keyboardist performing outdoors under the heat of the sun for the audience. 

This Bas-Relief sculpture is made out of fiberglass and acrylic on plyboard. Measures 24x16 inches in size. 

A Bas-Relief African sculpture is a form of artistic expression that involves carving or sculpting a design onto a flat surface. In this technique, the sculpture is created with a shallow depth, allowing the design to emerge subtly from the background. The figures and forms depicted in bas-relief sculptures are skillfully carved, resulting in a visually striking artwork that combines elements of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. The sculptor/artist creates a sense of depth and texture while maintaining a connection to the surface from which the sculpture arises.

Bas-Relief African sculptures often feature intricate details, symbolic motifs, and representations of cultural narratives, capturing the essence of African traditions and aesthetics.

One cannot speak of African Bas-Relief sculpture without mentioning the profound contributions of the ancient Kingdom of Benin, located in present-day Nigeria. The Benin Kingdom, renowned for its bronze and brass casting techniques, created elaborate bas-relief sculptures that depicted historical events, royalty, and spiritual symbolism. The highly skilled artisans of the Benin Kingdom mastered the art of bas-relief, leaving a lasting legacy of remarkable craftsmanship and artistic expression that continues to inspire contemporary African artists and art enthusiasts around the world.

Cert. Of Authenticity Ships with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.
Edition Original Work of Art from Darlington D. Ike.
Framed Price is for the work of art as is. Ready to hang but unframed. Framing is avaiable upon request. Contact us for a quote.
Height 24 inches
Length 16 inches
Medium Fiberglass and Acrylic on Plyboard
Signed Signed by the artist
SKU ike-keyboardist
Year Released 2023
D.D. Ike

D.D. Ike

Native of Nigeria but residing in Atlanta, GA. DD Ike is most certainly a lover of jazz and his artwork is a true testament to that fact. DD Ike's flowing lines and vibrant colors give us a visual sensation of what the jazz sound would like if captured on canvas. DD Ike's art will blend in with just about any home Decor setting and will be of course be perfect for your little jazz haven.

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