The Journey Continues

Kolongi Brathwaite
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  • Open Edition
  • Giclee on Paper or Offset Lithograph
  • Measures 28x22 inches (image size). Paper size may vary.
  • Black History Theme
In the depths of history's shadows, where pain and resilience entwined, the African American journey to freedom emerged, a symphony of hope and defiance. Through blood-soaked fields and shackled dreams, we bore the weight of chains, yet our spirits soared, unwavering.
With each stride forward, we grasped the threads of progress, relentless in our pursuit of justice's embrace. Voices rose like a gospel choir, echoing the triumphs and trials that carved our collective identity. From the quilts stitched with stories to the songs sung in hushed whispers, we nurtured a legacy of resilience.
Yet, as the arc of progress bends towards equality, the journey persists, the baton passed from one generation to the next. For we stand upon the shoulders of giants, from Harriet's whispered prayers to Martin's resounding dream. Their courage courses through our veins, their dreams etched upon our hearts.

The African American journey to freedom continues, fueled by the fires of passion and the unwavering belief that equality shall be our ultimate triumph. Together, we press forward, forever reaching towards the dawn of a more just and inclusive world.

A work of art by Kolongi Brathwaite inspired by our ancestor's fight for freedom and equality and how that fight continues today and will forever continue until it is fully and finally achieved.

Measures 28x22 inches in size (image size). Open edition.

Edition Open Edition
Framed Available framed or unframed
Height 28 inches
Length 22 inches
Medium Paper
Signed Unsigned
SKU kolongi-journey
Year Released 2022
Kolongi Brathwaite

Kolongi Brathwaite

Kolongi is an internationally recognized artist who emigrated from Barbados with the goal of establishing himself as a leading figure in the art world. His work, primarily focused on original artwork and prints, explores the rich heritage and culture of the African American experience, covering subjects such as family, spirituality, and the black experience. Kolongi is self-taught and uses oils on canvas to convey his messages, with the ultimate motivation of projecting positive images and educating people about the greatness of African culture.

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