Nuru: Madagascar Big Brim Crown Out Raffia Sun Hat

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  • Each sun hat is hand woven on the island of Madagascar.
  • Crown out design to allow those with locs, braids, updos or other big hair styles to wear a raffia sun hat.
  • Shapeable brim. Create your look. Wear it a different way everyday!
  • Crafted out of raffia which is a palm fiber sourced from palm trees on the island of Madagascar.
  • Eco-Friendly

A beautiful adjustable and shapeable lightweight purple raffia hat featuring a 7-inch brim that we weave by hand in Madagascar. Perfect for use as a sun hat during festival outings, church, beach trips, vacations, cruises, cookouts, gardening, for the Kentucky Derby, or any other occasion where you want to wear a truly gorgeous hat while protecting yourself from the sun.

Crown Out: Features a unique crown out design, a feature that caters to those with locs, braids, updos, or other big hairstyles. This design allows you to wear the hat by pulling your hair through its center, making it a perfect fit for your unique style. It's also a hit among those who love fringes or prefer a visor style that allows more air to access the top of the head.

Size: Fits head sizes 59cm or smaller. It can fit large and small head sizes due to the adjustable drawstring in its interior. This feature also allows you to tighten the hat to prevent it from being blown away on windy days.

Packable: Our big-brim Madagascar raffia hats are not just stylish; they're also practical. They're packable, meaning they can be easily folded for traveling. This feature makes them a perfect companion for your adventures, ensuring you can always look your best, no matter where you go. 

Shapeable: Features a shapeable 7-inch brim that allows you to wear this raffia sun hat in various styles. Play with the brim to create your look. Wear it a different way every day!

Eco-Friendly: Our raffia hat is not just a fashion statement but a sustainability commitment. Crafted from natural Raffia and other renewable and sustainable raw materials, it's a testament to our dedication to the environment. All colorings on this hat were completed using a long-lasting vegetable-based dye, further reducing our carbon footprint. Its dual layer of fine woven Raffia allows the hat to offer UPF 50+/SPF 30+ sun protection, making it the perfect choice for extended outdoor activities. 

Care: This hat can be spot-cleaned using cold water and a clean cloth. Do not use chemical detergent, which may stain the hat and cause discoloration.

Durability: Hats are made of natural fibers and colored with vegetable-based dyes. Over time, hats may soften slightly & colors may fade slightly when exposed to direct sunlight for long, extended periods. This is normal when using natural fibers & dyes.

Reshaping: Packing and handling may soften this hat over time; if this happens, you can use these steps to reshape it. When reshaping is required, spray a little water on the hat, use a steam iron on low to medium heat on the inside, and lightly press, being careful not to overpress. At the same time, the desired shape is achieved, allowing the hat to air dry completely away from the direct sunlight; this step will bring your hat back to shape.

Edition Each raffia sun hat is woven by hand by a local Malagasy artisan.
Medium Raffia
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The Raffia Boutique

A brand that specializes in hand made hats, handbags and other fashion accessories crafted by hand by master artisans on the island of Madagascar.

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