Isis: The Brilliant One in the Sky

Kolongi Brathwaite
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  • Open Edition
  • Giclee on Paper or Offset Lithograph
  • Measures 26x38 inches (paper size) and 24x32 inches (image size).
  • Egyptian Theme
  • A member of Kolongi's Egyptian Series

A work of art from Barbados born artist Kolongi Brathwaite that serves as a tribute to the ancient Egyptian deity Isis. It depicts her with her arms and wings outstretched. She is in front of an interstellar backdrop where two Ibis birds fly in the background.

In Ancient Egypt Isis or Aset/ Auset was known as being one of the most powerful and revered deities. She had temples and statues erected in her honor throughout Egypt and in Nubia.  Her hieroglyphic symbol was a throne. This speaks upon her power and every Pharaoh was said to be her child. She was the nurturing Mother, healer of the sick, protector of mother and children, Goddess of Death and Rebirth, Goddess of Life and Magic and the Goddess of Fertility and Motherhood. She was also known as the Lady of 1000 Names. 

Isis' wings are said to represent falcon wings. Falcons are birds of prey that have cries "reminiscent of the cries of distraught women". The wings represent power and the mourning she did over her husband and brother Osiris. 

The Ibis birds in the background represent Tehuti/Thoth the spiritual and intellectual master.

At Isis feet are lotus flowers which is a flower that was associated with Isis in Ancient Egypt.

The Egyptial Book of the Dead refers to her as:

She who gives birth to heaven and earth
She who seeks the righteousness in her people
She who seeks justice for the poor people
She who knows the orphan
She who seeks shelter for the weak people
She who knows the widow spider

This is an open edition giclee on paper. Measures 24x32 inches (image size); 28x36 (paper size).

Collection Egyptian Collection
Edition Open Edition
Framed Available framed or unframed
Height 26 inches
Length 38 inches
Medium Paper
Signed Unsigned
SKU kolongi-isis-brilliant
Year Released 2021
Kolongi Brathwaite

Kolongi Brathwaite

Kolongi is an internationally recognized artist who emigrated from Barbados with the goal of establishing himself as a leading figure in the art world. His work, primarily focused on original artwork and prints, explores the rich heritage and culture of the African American experience, covering subjects such as family, spirituality, and the black experience. Kolongi is self-taught and uses oils on canvas to convey his messages, with the ultimate motivation of projecting positive images and educating people about the greatness of African culture.

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