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Annie Lee
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  • Limited Edition. Edition size of 500 pieces (limited edition), 50 pieces (artist proof) and 15 pieces (remarque).
  • Ships signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Measures 36x24 inches in size (image size).
  • Offset lithograph
  • Showcases Annie Lee's distinctive "Black Americana" style, portraying faceless figures and everyday scenes from Black culture brimming with vibrant emotions.

On a summer afternoon, a mother is engrossed in the arduous task of washing clothes in an old-fashioned tin wash bucket. Her hands are raw and red, but each garment is meticulously wrung out and hung to dry under the relentless sun. Her baby boy, full of youthful energy, sends his ball careening by Mama is undeterred by the unfolding chaos or the creeping fatigue. She continues her labor with an unspoken strength. The playful commotion seems to only fuel her resolve to get the work done rather than distract her. Each piece of clothing that dries light stands as another symbol of her commitment to family.

Available as a limited edition (500 pieces), artist proof (50 pieces) and remarque (15 pieces). Measures 36x24 inches in size (image size). Ships signed and numbered by the artist.

Annie Lee, a celebrated figure in the art world, was renowned for her distinctive style that art critics aptly referred to as "Black Americana". This label stemmed from Lee's focus on capturing everyday scenes of African-American life, infused with animated emotion and a remarkable sense of realism. Notably, Lee's work featured faceless figures, a deliberate choice that allowed her to accentuate body language and encapsulate the very essence of her subjects without any distractions. Her artwork served as vivid and joyful reflections of African-American culture, firmly establishing her as a central figure in this genre.

Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size See product description for additional details regarding edition size.
Framed Unframed
Height 36 inches
Length 24 inches
Medium Paper
Signed Ships signed and numbered by the artist.
SKU lee-dripdry
Year Released 1990
Annie Lee

Annie Lee

Ever since taking the art world by storm during her first gallery show in 1985 at the age of 50, where her artwork sold out in just four hours, Annie Lee has been a central and celebrated figure in the world of art. Her style was labeled by art commentators as "Black Americana" due to her use of scenes of everyday African American life, the animated emotion of the personalities and two-dimensional figures. Another recognizable and trademark aspect of her is art is the fact that her subjects were often faceless.

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