Bride and Groom African Sculpture

Eric Darko
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  • Crafted in Ghana and imported into the United States.
  • Hand carved African decor.
  • Measures 23.5 inches (Height) x 6.5 inches (Width) x 3 inches (Depth)
  • Carved out of Sese wood.
  • Each sculpture is carved by hand by an artisan in Ghana so there may very slight and subtle differences in size, color and motif. This is what each mask unique and true piece of African art.

Eric Darko's remarkable "Bride and Groom Wooden Sculpture Set" pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of the Hausa tribe, originating from northern Ghana. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these sese wood statuettes stand as a testament to the vibrant wedding traditions of the Hausa people. Weighing 8.8 lbs and measuring 23.5 inches in height, 6.5 inches in width, and 3 inches in depth, these imposing sculpture captures the essence of Hausa matrimonial ceremonies. The bride, now unveiled, is ready to begin their life together.

The unveiling of the bride is a practice where the groom reveals his bride's face, marking the beginning of their life together. The marriage ceremony is a celebration accompanied by the rhythmic beat of drums and includes the couple's first dance—a true moment of joy.

The Hausa tribe, one of Africa's largest ethnic groups, has a rich history that spans centuries. Known for their intricate architecture, vibrant markets, and influential role in regional trade, the Hausa have significantly impacted West African culture. Their language, also called Hausa, serves as a lingua franca across much of the Sahel and West Africa, facilitating communication and commerce. Notable members of the Hausa tribe include Amina of Zazzau, a legendary queen warrior, and Umaru Yar'Adua, former President of Nigeria, both of whom have left indelible marks on the historical and political landscape.

Hausa weddings, known as "Aure," are elaborate celebrations that reflect the tribe's social and religious values. These ceremonies often span several days, featuring a myriad of customs such as the "Kayan Zance" (gift exchange), where families of the bride and groom exchange gifts in a display of generosity and acceptance, symbolizing the merging of two families. The "Kamun Amariya" (fetching the bride) is a vibrant procession led by the groom and his friends to the bride's home, signifying the groom's effort to welcome his bride into his life. Lastly, the "Sadaki" (bride price) involves the groom presenting gifts or money to the bride's family, not as a purchase, but as an offering that honors the value of the bride and the union. Each tradition weaves a deeper understanding of Hausa beliefs, respect for family, and the importance of community, thereby enriching the cultural fabric of Hausa society.

Through Eric Darko's "Bride and Groom Wooden Sculpture Set," admirers are invited to explore the profound beauty of Hausa wedding customs and the tribe's enduring legacy. Made in Ghana from sese wood, these sculptures not only celebrate love and unity but also serve as a bridge connecting us to the fascinating world of the Hausa people and their rich cultural heritage.

Sese wood, indigenous to West Africa, is a favored medium among artisans for its durability, workability, and beautiful finish. This versatile hardwood possesses a fine grain that makes it ideal for carving, allowing craftsmen to achieve intricate details and smooth finishes with relative ease. Its natural resilience to wear and the aging process adds depth and character to the artwork over time. Artwork carved from this wood is not just admired for its aesthetic appeal but is also valued for the cultural significance and artisanal skill it embodies. Choosing artwork crafted from this wood means investing in a piece that carries the soul of West African heritage.

Edition Hand Carved
Edition Size Each African Sculpture is Crafted by a Local Artisan and Ghana and is Unique Piece of African Art.
Height 23.5 inches
Length 6.5 inches
Medium Sese Wood
Signed Unsigned
SKU 90980
Width 3 inches
Eric Darko

Eric Darko

Eric Darko, a renowned Ghanaian woodcarver born in 1978, melds tradition with personal vision in his Eastern Region of Ghana workshop. A graduate of a secondary technical school in 1999, Darko honed his skills under his brother's tutelage, overcoming initial resource constraints with familial support. Specializing in sese wood, his art mainly features masks and profiles deeply rooted in Ghanaian culture, yet often inspired by client ideas. Darko's pieces are not just artworks; they're narratives of resilience, tradition, and the natural beauty of Ghana, inviting collectors to own a piece of authentic African craftsmanship.

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