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  • Authentic African Jewelry
  • Hand Made in Kenya by a Master Artisan
  • Crafted Out of Cow Bone and Brass
  • Adjustable Necklace
  • Perfect for Fans of African Jewelry

An authentic handmade pendant necklace. The pendant is crafted out of bone in the shape of an African fertility doll known as "Akuaba" in West Africa. Each necklace is hand-made in Kenya by a master artisan. 

Fertility dolls have long been associated with femininity, fertility, and motherhood. Young women frequently carry fertility dolls on their backs like a child in hopes that it helps them to conceive. Pregnant women also have them in hopes that it ensures they have a safe delivery and a healthy and happy child. In modern times, especially in the west, they have come to be symbols of good luck.

The fertility doll also has a similar shape similar to that of the Egyptian Ankh, a symbol of life, and the Egyptian Djed which is a symbol associated with Ausar/Osiris. The large head on the fertility doll is symbolic of a woman's womb. Different cultures in Africa have fertility dolls of varied designs. The most popular and well-known fertility dolls are those of the Fanti ethnic group.

The necklace is adjustable with a maximum length of 34 inches. You adjust the necklace with the slip knots to resize it. Great for men, women, or children who are fans of authentic African Jewelry.

There may be slight and subtle differences between each pendant and pendant necklace due to the items being hand-made. This is what makes your necklace unique and a true piece of African art.

Edition Each necklace is hand made by an artisan in Kenya.
Medium Bone and Brass
Year Released 2019

Boutique Africa

A collection of authentic handmade African decor, fashion and jewelery. Perfect for any who appreciates cultural items that are truly unique. Each purchase helps support a local African artisan and their family.

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