Sun Feels Good on my Melanin

Jason O'Brien
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  • Available as a 24x24 inch giclee on paper or a 48x48 inch giclee on canvas.
  • Limited edition. Edition size of 500 pieces (paper) or 20 (canvas).
  • Ships signed and numbered and with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.
  • Available on paper or canvas.
  • Explores themes of self-reflection and introspection.

Basking under the radiant canopy of the sun, I feel its gentle caress on my rich melaninated skin. The sun, with its golden tendrils of light, wraps me in warmth in an ethereal embrace that feels like a mother's tender touch and love. Its rays dance upon my skin, a celebration of my essence, imbuing me with a sense of invincibility.

As I look up and soak in this divine affection, I am reminded of the humble daisy. This elegant flower, with its white petals radiating around a yellow heart, is a symbol of purity and innocence. It thrives in the sunlight, drawing life and energy from its radiant benefactor. Just as the daisy turns its face towards the sun, I too align myself with this celestial beacon. It serves as a reminder to always seek the light amidst the shadows. The sun's everlasting glow is a testament to the enduring love it showers upon us all.

Artist Statement: “Glow, vibrant everlasting…..with the sun on your melanin”. I love the vibe of this new artwork. Some of the best life moments I’ve ever experienced involved feeling the healing warmth of the sun on my face transporting me to a state of gratitude and rejuvenation of spirit in the moment. Do not take moments like these for granted for they are gifts of the natural world and we should embrace good energy that nourishes us from whatever direction it presents itself. This artwork carries this message to you, for you, as a reminder to look up in to the sun and feel it’s warm glow loving you everlasting."

Limited edition. Ships signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Available as a giclee on paper (24x24 inches - edition size of 500pcs) or a giclee on canvas (48x48 inches - edition size of 20pcs). 

Cert. Of Authenticity Ships with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size Edition size varies depending upon the medium. See product description for additional details.
Framed Unframed
Height Available in different sizes. See product description for additional details.
Length Available in different sizes. See product description for additional details
Medium Paper or Canvas
Signed Ships signed and numbered by the artist
SKU obrien-melanin
Jason O'Brien

Jason O'Brien

Toronto-based artist Jason O'Brien believes that life is his canvas and art, his imprint. Drawing inspiration from the vastness of the human spirit, his work seeks to celebrate it as an unchained, powerful moment in time. His creative process is a journey of self-discovery, exploring layers of emotion and meaning. His art is not just a visual experience but an intimate dialogue with the viewer, inviting them into his world and leading them on a personal journey of their own. It is rooted in human emotion, with the power to touch viewers in profoundly unexpected ways. Embracing the unknown, O'Brien sees art as his sixth sense, a tool for deciphering, interpreting, and manifesting his thoughts and feelings. Through his work, he aims to leave a lasting imprint on his audience.

Limited edition artwork ships in 0 to 14 business days depending upon the artwork, artist and medium. All limited editions ship signed and numbered and with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. When a limited edition work of art is purchased a member of our team will contact you within 1 to 3 business days to provide you with a shipping timeline. Some limited editions are not eligible for expedited shipping. For additional information please visit our: Special Note About Limited Editions

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