African Shona Stone Nativity Set

Luke Jimu
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  • Crafted from Serpentine/Shona Stone and Metal
  • Figures vary in size. See product description for additional information and details regarding sizing.
  • Hand Carved by the artist Luke Jimu
  • Authentic African art. Imported from Zimbabwe.
  • Encapsulates the serene beauty of the nativity story.

Incorporate elements from Mother Africa into your Christmas Decor!

This nativity scene reflects the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwe. It is an eight-piece set, hand-carved by the Shona artisan Luke Jimu and it encapsulates the serene beauty of the nativity story. The set includes the figures of Joseph and Mary, kneeling in prayer, baby Jesus in a small round basket, three wise men, a sheep, and a donkey. Each figure is chiseled from serpentine stone, polished, and showcases the artisan's keen eye for detail.

The heart of this nativity set lies in the material used - serpentine stone. Known as Shona stone, it's indigenous to Zimbabwe and has been used for centuries by the Shona people, one of Zimbabwe's largest ethnic groups.

The Shona people, the largest ethnic group in Zimbabwe, reside in the eastern half of the nation, north of the Lundi River. Historically, the Shona people migrated from south of the Zambezi River and settled at the site of Zimbabwe around a thousand years ago. They have a rich heritage of traditions and languages. The Shona people are celebrated for their artistry.

Shona sculpture has its roots in the early stone carvings of the Shona people. The history of Shona sculpture can be traced back to pre-colonial Zimbabwe where stone sculpting was practiced for both functional and decorative purposes. The modern evolution of this tradition began in the mid-1900s and it is widely recognized as one of the most important art movements to emerge from Africa in the 20th century. Interestingly, the name 'Zimbabwe' itself is derived from the Shona word 'dzimbadzamabwe', meaning 'House of Stone.'

Shona sculpture is deeply interwoven with the spiritual beliefs of the Shona people. Many of their sculptures reflect their profound spiritual worldview. This connection to the spirit world is often embodied in their artwork. In their culture, the sculpting process is not just an artistic endeavor but a spiritual journey with a common belief that the spirits of ancestors reside within the stone itself waiting to be revealed through the artist's hands.

Luke Jimu, a member of the Shona ethnic group, hails from Zimbabwe and is the artisan responsible for this nativity scene.

The sizes of each figurine is shown below:

Joseph and the Wise Men: 4-5 inches (Height) x 2 inches (Length) x .75 inches (Width)

Mary: 4 inches (Height) x 1.5 inches (Length) x .75 inches (Width)

Baby Jesus: 1.25 inches (Diameter) x .5 inches (Height)

This nativity set is not just a product; it's a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Zimbabwean culture, the spiritual essence of Shona people, and the timeless artistry of Shona sculpture. By purchasing this set, you're not only enhancing your decor but also supporting indigenous African artisans.

Not for outdoor use.

Each sculpture is hand-carved so there may be slight and subtle variations in size, shape, and color. This is normal and is what makes each set unique and a true piece of African art.

Edition Each set is hand carved by Luke Jimu.
Height Figures vary in size. See product description for additional information and details.
Length Figures vary in size. See product description for additional information and details.
Medium Serpentine/Shona/Spring Stone
Signed Unsigned
Width Figures vary in size. See product description for additional information and details.
Year Released 2022
Luke Jimu

Luke Jimu

Luke Jimu is a self-employed artist from Zimbabwe who specializes in creating unique sculptures from spring stone, a stone known for its high polish and density. His work reflects the rich cultural heritage of his Shona people, imbuing each sculpture with a sense of spiritual significance and artistic mastery. Jimu's sustainable sourcing practices further underscore his commitment to his community and the environment. His art not only serves as a testament to his talent but also offers a glimpse into the life and beliefs of the Shona people.

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