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Edwin Lester
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  • Measures 36x27 inches in size.
  • Limited edition with an edition size of 35 pieces.
  • Available as a giclee on paper or giclee on canvas
  • Ships signed and numbered and with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.
  • A member of Edwin Lester's Uncolored Series

As the sun began to set on another long day of protesting, the exhausted protester trudged through the streets of Memphis, his feet aching and his voice hoarse from shouting. He was tired and worn, but he refused to give up and quit. He had come too far and sacrificed too much to quit now. With every step, he pushed himself harder, driven by a fierce determination to see the strike through to the end and be a catalyst for change.

A limited edition release by Edwin Lester inspired by the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968. 

The Memphis sanitation strike was a pivotal moment in American civil rights history. In 1968, black sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee went on strike to protest their low wages and dangerous working conditions. They also demanded the right to unionize, which had been denied to them for years. The workers faced violent opposition. Despite these challenges, the strike continued, and the workers' resilience and determination ultimately led to significant improvements in their working conditions and wages, as well as the recognition of their union.

The protest signs held by some of the protestors read "I Am a Man," which became a powerful symbol of the workers' struggle for dignity and respect. The sign was a response to the dehumanizing treatment that the workers had endured for years. By asserting their humanity and demanding to be treated as men, the workers were asserting their right to be treated with respect and equality.

From Edwin Lester's Uncolored series. A series about color without color. It depicts the historical struggles of African Americans in the United States as they worked for freedom, justice, and equality.

This work of art was selected and featured on the cover of the Civil Rights Trail 2023 Travel Guide.

Limited edition. Available on paper or canvas. Ships signed and numbered and with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. A member of Edwin Lester's "Uncolored" Series.

Giclee on Paper: 36x27 inches (Size) - 35 pieces (Edition Size)
Giclee on Canvas: 36x27 inches (Size) - 35 pieces (Edition Size)

Cert. Of Authenticity Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Artist
Collection Uncolored Series
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size 35
Framed Unframed
Height 36 inches
Length 27 inches
Medium Paper or Canvas
Signed Ships Signed and Numbered by the Artist
SKU lester-worn
Year Released 2023
Edwin Lester

Edwin Lester

Edwin was born in Philadelphia, PA. He is a self-taught artist who brings a very sophisticated and technically advanced style of realism to his figurative and atmospheric paintings. His work centers on themes that are important and personal to him. The narrative approach allows the artist to convey an emotion, a moment in time as if reading without the turning of pages.

Limited edition artwork ships in 0 to 14 business days depending upon the artwork, artist and medium. All limited editions ship signed and numbered and with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. When a limited edition work of art is purchased a member of our team will contact you within 1 to 3 business days to provide you with a shipping timeline. Some limited editions are not eligible for expedited shipping. For additional information please visit our: Special Note About Limited Editions

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