Masks Direct from Indonesia to Your Front Door

by Kani Ayubu

Recently added five new masks that were handmade in Indonesia to the website. These include our Eggshell Bird Mask, Giraffe TicTic Mask, Elephant Mask, Gecko Mask and a second Bird Mask design. A master artisan carved these masks out of wood in a Fair Trade environment.

In Indonesia masks have a very rich history. Traditionally the Indonesians used the masks as a tool to connect with the spirits and the ancestors. The wearer would do a special ritual before wearing the mask so that the wearer's soul could be unified with the mask. Many aboriginal ethnic groups in Indonesia still feel as if the supernatural power that resides within a mask can protect them from evil spirits. In modern times, Indonesian masks are used in entertainment, educational, spiritual, decorative and religious activities. In some households these masks also signify the cultural affiliation of the family.

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