Merry Christmas from The Black Art Depot

by Kani Ayubu

We want to wish all of our valued customers, supporters and community members a very Merry Christmas! We hope that you all are enjoying this special holiday with your family members and friends. It is the time spent with them that makes this holiday special to me. There is a quote that comes from an unknown origin that I wanted to share with you all that I take to heart when it comes to Christmas:

"It's not the presents that make Christmas so special, its the presence of those you love. Whether they are with you in person or spirit."

Finally, I want to end this Christmas blog post by sharing one of my favorite Christmas songs. There are so many incredible holiday tunes to choose from. Classics such as "Everyday Would be Like a Holiday" by William Bell, "Silent Night" by the Temptations, "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway, "Merry Christmas Baby" by Otis Redding, however, I feel as if this song by The Temptations entitled "Everything for Christmas but You" is the perfect song to share because of the quote I mentioned above. Enjoy!


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    Wanted to order but your website is difficult to navigate

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