Dion Pollard: Intimate Conversations With Artwork

[Art] is not something that I am driven to do, but it’s [what] I have to do. It’s a part of my being, it’s a part of my spirit – it’s who I am.

Dion J. Pollard believes that the gift of talent can be hereditary – passed down from parent to child. Pollard says his “God-given” ability to articulate the world in the way he sees comes from his mother – an artist herself. Having not met her until he was five years old, Pollard spent those early years searching for the source of his art. He distinctly remembers his father’s amazement and his questioning of “how did you do that?”

As a teenager, the Maryland native began to take his art more seriously. He began to explore the depths of his skill and need to build worlds. Pollard’s mind – the place where he searches for the next creation – “never turns off,” according to him. He is constantly shading, exploring shadows and identifying textures – even as he has having intimate conversations.

Creating is a part of him.

I want to present my visions for the world, and if I put my visions out there and somebody happens to share that same vision; [maybe] they don't have the talent I have to put that vision out there… hey, you
see my vision. That's the goal.

Pollard seeks to heal and affect his audience emotionally with his work. Art is therapy for him, but so is the way his audience connects to his work. The individual who feels the calling to be a parent and to raise a child finds solace his piece The Gift. The person that takes the time to exhale and absorb the wonder and peace around them will see a part of themselves in Easy Sunday Morning.

Pollard has learned to reconnect his emotions to his art and in doing so, he can heal. Through this healing, he then can touch someone else. Emotions once served as block to his creation, but through study and patience, He learned to channel them into his process.

Art is his source of healing.

I believe talent is in the details; how it’s presented. I try to create work [where] it looks valuable to you.

Through oil paintings, pastel, acrylic, pencil and ink, Pollard creates a world that shows struggle but also the triumph. He wants to show that are tribulations that come with the human experience – particularly the Black experience – but there is also ample room for celebration.

Dion’Jay’s mission is to use his art to stand with, but also stand out among his contemporaries. By building an irreplaceable relationship with his audience he can have specific and unique conversations through his work. Those bonds are what inspires Pollard to experiment with his gift and listen to his audience.

That is Dion J. Pollard.


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Tree of Knowledge by Dion Pollard

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Shoe Addict by Dion J. Pollard

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