The Black History Blitz

Redefining Black history

This newsletter is a testimony to its mantra, "Black History Happens Everyday". Members of our Black History Blitz Community receive an email newsletter bi-weekly that primarily focuses on five things:

1. Historic African American achievements that are occurring in the world today. We celebrate the accomplishments of these history makers. 

2. Exhibits opening around the world that focus on African American history.

3. We celebrate those of African descent that are difference makers. Individuals that are making a difference in their families, communities and the world at large. We also encourage members of our newsletter community to share individuals from their area with us so we can showcase them and their accomplishments in our newsletter.

4. New information, articles and books available on iconic African American figures.

5. Periodic themed newsletters that presents some of the best resources online that focus on a specific individual or organization that we would like to pay tribute to.

6. A featured photo from the present day or the past

If you are fan of African American history and want to know about historic African American achievements occurring in this day and time. This is the newsletter for you!

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