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    A collection of art prints, posters, gifts and collectibles that feature or were inspired by African-American musicians, singers and performers from various genres including Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul and more! These items make great gifts for fans of the musicians or genre of music. The artwork was created by artists and photographers from around the world.

    384 products
    Mo' Trumpet by Maurice Evans
    Mo' Trumpet
    One Mo' Than Three (Trumpet) by Maurice Evans
    One Mo' Than Three (Trumpet)
    One Mo' Than Three (Guitar) by Maurice Evans
    One Mo' Than Three (Guitar)
    One Mo' Than Three (Bass) by Maurice Evans
    One Mo' Than Three (Bass)
    Thunder by Steven Johnson
    Jammin' by Steven Johnson
    from $9.99
    Hot Keys by Steven Johnson
    Hot Keys
    Blowin' Blues by Steven Johnson
    Blowin' Blues
    Rhythm Festival by Jerome T. White
    Rhythm Festival
    Fiddler's Song by Jerome T. White
    Fiddler's Song
    Bassic by Charly "Carlos" Palmer
    from $6.99
    A Man Supreme by Charly "Carlos" Palmer
    A Man Supreme
    from $13.49
    Fine And Mellow by Micheal Wallace
    Fine And Mellow
    Back In The Day by Micheal Wallace
    Back In The Day
    Salt and Peanuts by Michael Wallace
    Salt and Peanuts by Michael Wallace
    Salt Peanuts
    Tobasco Blues by Micheal Wallace
    Tobasco Blues
    Urban Jazz Sessions by David Garibaldi
    Urban Jazz Sessions
    from $20.90
    Mr. Brass by David Garibaldi
    Mr. Brass
    from $11.06
    Movin' Strings by David Garibaldi
    Movin' Strings
    from $10.00
    Movin' Fingers by David Garibaldi
    Movin' Fingers
    from $493.22
    Tinkerbell by David Garibaldi
    from $640.82
    Maxine by David Garibaldi
    from $493.22
    Breakbeat Fever by David Garibaldi
    Breakbeat Fever
    from $296.42
    Dreds 'N Drums by David Garibaldi
    Dreds 'N Drums
    from $296.42
    Afternoon Sounds by David Garibaldi
    Afternoon Sounds
    Jazz Quintet by Justin Bua
    Jazz Quintet
    Blues Man by Justin Bua
    Blues Man
    Jazz Cafe by Keith Mallett
    Jazz Cafe
    Jazz Moment by Gerald Ivey
    Jazz Moment
    Country Blues by Gerald Ivey
    Country Blues
    Rendezvous by Keith Mallett
    Ballad by Keith Mallett
    String Duo by Lester Kern
    String Duo
    from $7.99
    Legends Of Jazz by Fred Mathews
    Legends of Jazz
    Black and Mild by Frank Morrison
    Black And Mild
    Swing Baby Swing by Frank Morrison
    Swing Baby Swing
    Red Hot on Cool by Frank Morrison
    Red Hot on Cool
    from $4.80
    Beat Bop by Frank Morrison
    Beat Bop
    The Blue On Red by Frank Morrison
    The Blues On Red
    Take 5 by Kevin "WAK" Williams
    Take 5
    Sax Appeal by Kevin "WAK" Williams
    Sax Appeal
    Trumpet Solo by Monica Stewart
    Trumpet Solo
    Sax Solo by Monica Stewart
    Sax Solo
    Sax Seduction by Monica Stewart
    Sax Seduction
    First Baptist Choir by Frank Morrison
    First Baptist Choir
    The Next Plateau by Frank Morrison
    The Next Plateau
    from $599.99
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    Live at the Blue Note by Maurice Evans
    Live At The Blue Note
    from $949.99
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    Miles Davis: Aura