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    Impressionist LaShun Beal has spent his entire career working to perfect his art and the ability to express himself as an artist, while working across multiple mediums. He refuses to be confined to any certain medium or subject matter and challenges himself by exploring many mediums. Beal discovered that each canvas has its own distinctive character, its own matchless capacity to give voice to his work in a way that no other medium can. Consequently, he had to master the technical subtleties of each medium, while at the same time recognizing that each one contains within it a spirit that drives him to create a particular and a singular work of art. He has traveled to many parts of the world including Europe, South America, and the Far East. Through his travel he experienced other cultures and his art now reflects these life experiences. While observing other cultures, he noted how the woman is often held in reverence. Combining his choice of both raw, yet vivid colors and femininity he has perfected his signature “Universal Woman.” She contains features of many women from around the world. “An artist must be free to choose what he does.” LaShun Beal After exploring many mediums and subject matters, Beal is content with the evolution of his art. Now in the second phase of his career- one in which has required him to delve deeper into his spiritual self and find his own voice- Beal welcomes viewers to see the world from his perspective. “I enjoy the process of creating with no limits. That is the vision of this exhibit... to let the viewer experience my range as an artist.” – LaShun Beal Born January 28, 1962 LaShun Beal is a native of Detroit who now resides in the Houston area.

    5 products
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    Unto Thee Soulful Flight Tapestry Throw Pillow by Lashun Beal
    Unto Thee Soul Flight
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    Deep in Thought Tapsetry Wall Hanging by LaShun Beal
    Deep in Thought Wall Hanging
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    Deep in Thought: African American Tapestry Throw by Lashun Beal
    Deep in Thought
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    For The Lover In You by Lashun Beal
    For The Lover In You
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    Watchful Eyes by Lashun Beal
    Watchful Eyes