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Jay Bakari Art Gallery

Jay Bakari Art Gallery

To look at a painting by Jay C. Bakari, creator of some of the hottest selling images on the market today, is to enter into a dialogue between the artist and his culture. And what he is saying about African-American culture and history is that it is vital, diverse and rich in beauty and imagery.

Born in Pittsburgh, Jay began his formal art education in high school at Forbes Road Vocational East. From there he attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ivy School of Art, and finally transferred from Ivy to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He ran out of money before he completed his degree, however, and was forced to continue the development of his skills while supporting himself with a day job and utilizing the resources of local libraries.

Though his original drawings and paintings are unavailable for sale, the high-quality color and black-and-white prints he offers allow him to make his work accessible to the general public at prices anyone can afford.