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    Charles Bibbs is an accomplished Fine Artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist that has always believed that we are the keepers of our culture, and as such, has spent much of his time working towards developing a cohesive, energized African American Community. Charles Bibbs’ artwork manages to fuse African American and Native American cultural themes that make powerful cross cultural statements. His work is thought provoking and capable of arousing strong emotions that cross ethnic, gender and generational barriers. His artistic renderings convey a deep sense of spirituality, majesty, dignity, strength and grace. It is sufficient to say that however his works are viewed or whatever individual emotions they may evoke, they remain characteristically and recognizably Bibbs.

    14 products
    Lilies by Charles Bibbs
    from $300.00
    Yellow Basket by Charles Bibbs
    Yellow Basket
    from $300.00
    The Caregivers II by Charles Bibbs
    The Caregivers II
    from $240.00
    Purple Umbrella by Charles Bibbs
    Purple Umbrella
    from $559.99
    Rhythms of Color by Charles Bibbs
    Rhythms of Color
    from $280.00
    Marching in the Spirit by Charles Bibbs
    Marching in the Spirit
    from $300.00
    The Gift 5 by Charles Bibbs
    The Gift 5
    from $1,300.00
    Daddy's Love by Charles Bibbs
    Daddy's Love
    from $200.00
    Black Love by Charles Bibbs
    Black Love
    from $300.00
    Motherhood by Charles Bibbs
    Big Mama's Prayer by Charles Bibbs
    Big Mama's Prayer
    from $300.00
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    Bagman Mr. Music by Charles Bibbs
    Bagman Mr. Music
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    Afro Angel by Charles Bibbs
    Afro Angel
    from $250.00
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    Enlightenment (30th Anniversary Edition) by Charles Bibbs