Happy Father's Day!

by Kani Ayubu

You Were There: African American Father's Day Card

The Black Art Depot would like to wish all fathers in our community a Happy Father's Day! We truly hope you all enjoy your day and commit yourselves to building on the past year and becoming even better fathers of our individual households and communities going forward.

We also want to take the time to heap praises on the men who may not have their own children but support those of us who do with words of encouragement and acts of support. Next, we want to honor and give a standing ovation to the men who mentor the youth in our community. Where would we be if you didn't take the time to uplift and empower at-risk youth. Lastly, we want to recognize all single fathers. We know the worlds seems to act as if you don't exist but we know you do and we appreciate you and all that you do. Stay strong!

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