The Black Art Depot

We have new gifts now available that were designed for and inspired by the women of the Order of the Eastern Star. The first item is an all white hand bag that is adorned with the letters OES. It was created to provide you with a way to be stylish yet have a hand bag that is perfect for your chapter meetings. The second item is a tote bag that features the emblem of the Order of the Eastern Star on its exterior. Then we have two new key chains, one with a purse hook and one without that make great inexpensive gifts for new or existing members of the order. Make sure you check them all out in our: Order of the Eastern Star Collection.

Is there something else that you are looking for that we don't have in our current product offerings? Please send an email to: and let us know about it!

Written by Kani Ayubu — April 11, 2015

Kani Ayubu