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John Holyfield

John Holyfied recently partnered with Lenox China to produce a series of limited edition figurines. Many art collectors recognize Holyfield as an immensley talented artist known for celebrating the essence of rural life and producing art that has a strong southern folksy feel. His themes primarily focus on spirituality, family and culture. After years of producing artwork sought after and purchased by clients worldwide, John Holyfield has expanded into the world of figurines and collectibles.

Holyfield's figurines are all based on works of art from his collection. The three figurines available now are "Serenade", "Love Jones" and the "Bassist". Each figurine sits on a beautiful wood base, is made out of a quality resin material, and are hand painted and produced based on a design that was approved by the artist and inspected for quality and detail.

Serenade by John Holyfield

Height: 11 inches
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This romantic figurine depicts a simple African American southern man serenading the love of his life as he plays the piano. She sits patiently beside him holding the flowers he presented her with as she soaks up the sounds of love.

 Love Jones Figurine by John Holyfield

Love Jones
Height: 11 inches
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A unique figurine with a true southern feel that depicts a young woman affectionately watching her man court her as he plays the haromica in attempt to earn her heart and love. 

The Bassist by John Holyfield

The Bassist
Height: 11 inches
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An attractive figurine with a musical theme that depicts an African American man wearing overalls and a unique hat playing the upright bass.

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Written by Kani Ayubu — May 04, 2016


Kani Ayubu