Keith Mallett Art Gallery

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    Keith Mallett is a recognized and celebrated artist from Pennsylvania.  His artwork has been featured in galleries and expos such as Ornette Coleman's Artist House Gallery, Dyanson Galleries, the Tokyo International Art Show and the International Spring Fair.  Keith Mallett's artwork has also been featured in many television shows such as Stephan King's "The Stand", "Melrose Place", "Designing Women", "Roseanne" and many others. 

    55 products
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    Legacy by Gerald Ivey
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    Namirya Tapestry Throw by Keith Mallett
    Namirya Tapestry Throw
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    In Grandma's Hands by Keith Mallett
    In Grandma's Hands
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    Misaki by Keith Mallett
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    Celebratation Tapestry Throw by Keith Mallett
    Celebration Tapestry Throw
    Winter by Keith Mallett
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    Jazz Club by Keith Mallett
    Jazz Club