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#1 Mom


Aa unframed literary work of art featuring artwork by Lester Kern and poetry by Shahidah. The image on this art print depicts and African American mother comforting and consoling her son. It also contains the following verbiage by Shahdiah that pays tribute to mothers. Makes a great Mother's Day or birthday gift for Mom. Make her feel special on her special day!

#1 Mom

When I think of you Mom...
There is so much to be said.
You always gave me so much love
And saw that I was fed.

You've been my sincere advisor
When I didn't know what to do...
And many times your instructions
Always got me through.

Nothing you have ever preached
Will ever go for naught...
Because everything I do reflects
The teaching I've been taught.

I thank God for you mama...
And all the things you've done.
And you know "I Love You" momma...
To me you are number one!!!!!!!


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Edition Open Edition
Framed Unframed
Height 20 Inches
Length 8 inches
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