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Keith Mallett is a celebrated and respected artist from Pennsylvania.  He has studied art at institutes such as the Art Students League and Hunter College as well as at Los Angeles Valley College.  For the last 20 years he has been creating works for the fine art print market.  His subject matter varies from abstract to still life but his primary focus is producing high quality art that showcases the love and strength that exists within the African American family. 

Keith Mallett's art has been featured in national magazines, TV shows, and books.  Some of the places where you may have seen his artwork is: "Roseanne", Upscale magazine, "Designing Women", "Melrose Place", Stephen King's "The Stand", and the Art Business News.  Keith Mallett has been featured in art galleries and expos worldwide such as Ornette Coleman's Artist House & Gallery, Dyanson Galleries, the Tokyo International Art Show, the International Spring Fair in Birmingham England, the New York Art Expo, California Art Expo and the Texas Art Expo.  He has had his art featured at the Newport Rhythm and Blues Festival and the Autumn Fair in Frankfurt Germany as well.  "Sisterfire" and "Chicken Soup of the Soul" are also two books with national distribution that have had Keith Mallett's art featured on the cover.

Keith Mallet works in a variety of media.  He has used oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, etching, mezzotint, neon, and metal.  It is his versatility, skill and knowledge that has allowed him to enjoy success as both a portrait artist and a commercial artist.  Keith was also recently honored by being selected to paint the only official limited edition print commemorating the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's landmark historic achievement of integrating Major League Baseball.

When it comes to Keith Mallett's life work and the legacy that he would like to leave he states the following:

“It is my desire, through my artwork to depict the positive aspects of the African American experience. If I can show but one child the strength and beauty of her past or the bright hope of the future, then I feel I have accomplished my goal.”


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