George Jackson: Eulogy by Julian Madyun

George Jackson

(Excerpts of the stirring eulogy that was delivered at Comrade
George's Revolutionary Memorial Service on August 28, 1971,
by Black Panther Party President Huey P. Newton)

When I went to prison in 1967, I met George. Not physically, I met him through his ideas, his thoughts and words that I would learn from him. He was at Soledad Prison at the time; I was at California Penal Colony. George was a legendary figure all through the prison system, where he spent most of his life. You know a legendary figure is known to most people through the idea, or through the concept, or essentially through the spirit. So I met George through the spirit. I say that the legendary figure is also a hero. He set a standard for prisoners, political prisoners, and for the people. He showed the love, the strength, the revolutionary fervor that's characteristic of any soldier for the people. So we know that spiritual things can only manifest themselves in some physical act, through a physical mechanism. I saw prisoners who knew about this legendary figure, act in such a way, putting his ideas to life; so therefore the spirit became a life. And I would like to say today George's body has fallen, but his spirit goes on, because his ideas live. And we will see that these ideas stay alive, because they'll be manifested in our bodies and in those young Panther bodies, who are our children. So it's a true saying that there will be revolution from one generation to the next.